Add a local touch to your Asian travel experiences

How do you prepare for your next travel? For me, and many other travel lovers, one of the most important things is finding out what I really want to experience in the country I am going to. I search for fascinating places to visit in online travel guides and blogs. But how do we know if we chose the most remarkable ones?

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I discovered, we can totally ease up this part of the trip! I found a platform where local people from 7 different Southeast Asian countries are excited to show us the most beautiful places in their home country. Who knows the hidden gems of a country better than the locals themselves? At With, you can book for example a tour in Malaysia, offered by a local host. This host will take you to his or her all-time favorite places around the area they know everything about. This way, you will see much more of a country than only the famous touristic sights.

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Besides tours, you can also choose a home-cooked meal at a local family. Imagine a Vietnamese family preparing you a delicious traditional dish after a great day of discovering the country. If you are really lucky, they will even teach you how to cook this meal, so you can impress your friends back at home. Besides experiences in Vietnam, you can find many more offers in the other 6 countries with locals has launched it

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You can even join the platform as a local host if you live in Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, or Malaysia and show the tourists the hidden gems of your country. As travelers, we do not need to wonder anymore which places to visit, the locals will tell us which attractions the most exciting. In the end, the best travel memories are often experiences together with locals.


Anawangin Beach Cove – Subic Zambales

Anawangin beach - Subic

Anawangin beach – Zambales


If you’re looking for place to spend the summer for an overnight camping near the beach with families and friends, Anawangin in Zambales is just perfect.¬† Anawangin Beach Cove is a 30-minute boat ride from Pandangit town. You will love the crystal clear water and white sand beach for swimming and hike to the top of the mountain to get a bigger view of the whole scenery.

And at night you can rent a tent and camp for the whole evening and enjoy the sweet smell of the sea and cool night air while sitting around the campfire, chatting or singing. Or lie down on the beach¬†listening to music with your great sony mdr headphone and watch the twinkling stars on a clear sky above. We’ve been there last year and will definitely plan a next visit this year. Just a note: bring food, drinking water and rechargeable lamp as there is no electricity there. This is a back to nature adventure. :)

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Vacation Galore with a Trip on a Cruise Ship

Travel Cruise amenities

Embarking on a cruise is a great way to make the most out of your travel experience. Aside from having the option to go to multiple destinations, you can also enjoy the cruise ship amenities as you travel from one destination to another. Cruise ships like those of Star Cruises are equipped with first class dining and entertainment facilities to pamper their guests while sailing. You can take a gastronomical journey to different cuisines at their various dining outlets, or take your pick of on-board entertainment from live music, karaoke, and band performances. These entertainment venues are first class and professionally equipped with amplifiers, microphones, keyboards, ampeg bass guitar and others. One can also find an art gallery, outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, salon, gym, playroom, and other facilities that are usually found in resorts. With all these amenities available for their guests, boarding the cruise ship alone is already a vacation on its own.

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