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      1. EnchWelcome high-end intelligent molding machine manufacturers - Guangzhou Jicri Machinery Technology Co. Ltd is a fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine factory is a professional!

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        Kang Guoxing: 15049353111
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        Beida science and Technology Park of Baotou equipment manufacturing park

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        Innovation of professional integrity

        Professional - from the customer standpoint, to provide customers with more suitable products, to provide the best technical support for your production.

        Integrity - to provide the most safeguards for your production with technical expertise. The word, in accordance with the contract system of way to make your peace of mind. Really do, business, sincere! Letter, too!

        Innovation, to absorb the essence of 100 families, to provide you with better products, according to the specific conditions of customers' on-site feedback, and the inadequacy of customer's application process. According to the specific situation, we should upgrade and improve the product and technology for the users.


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        Add:Jinkairui Machinery Co., Ltd., xinhuida e-commerce Industrial Park, Yaotian Avenue, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

        Inner Mongolia address:Beida science and Technology Park of Baotou equipment manufacturing park




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