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      1. EnchWelcome high-end intelligent molding machine manufacturers - Guangzhou Jicri Machinery Technology Co. Ltd is a fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine factory is a professional!

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        PET plastic has good optical and weatherability. It has strong transparency, non-toxic, anti penetration and light weight, and is widely used in food and beverage packaging industry due to its excellent wear and friction properties. According to the type of product you have packed, provide you with more suitable packaging equipment and solutions.

        Optimization of energy cost:

        The heating system keeps the constant temperature in the air and the temperature box, and the heating process is more stable.

        The high pressure recovery system can be selected without the need of individual low pressure, thus reducing the cost of purchase and use.

        The use of servo system reduces the use of energy consumption and noise emission, and greatly improves production speed, product quality and service life.

        Use the computer console, one button to start, easy to operate, easy to understand, without the need for professional and technical personnel easily manipulated.

        Convenient improvement of equipment maintenance:

        The mold adopts the box type installation way, the replacement maintenance is more convenient, 20 minutes can easily replace the mold.

        The whole machine is equipped with a lubrication system, without manual addition, and can set the self-service supply cycle according to the different needs.

        Axial dynamic system adopts special lubrication system, without frequent refueling, reducing maintenance time, making the equipment more clean and hygienic.

        The equipment maintenance space is big, the maintenance parts cost is low, the maintenance period is long, the equipment maintenance time is reduced, and the production efficiency is increased.

        The exposed parts are treated with special treatment, which can keep a clean and bright state for a long time.

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