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      1. EnchWelcome high-end intelligent molding machine manufacturers - Guangzhou Jicri Machinery Technology Co. Ltd is a fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine factory is a professional!

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        Beida science and Technology Park of Baotou equipment manufacturing park

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        the company's sales engineer will uphold the professional spirit, to provide free technical consultation, overall design and planning and make scientific and reasonable equipment layout, according to the actual needs of your factory process system, so that the entire plant system for your factory. The most economical and effective. With the actual situation of the project to answer questions at any time and provide professional advice, to the maximum to cooperate with the development of customer projects.

        1. Professional technical training

        In order to ensure that the technicians in your factory can correctly grasp the performance, operation and maintenance procedures of the equipment, besides the normal installation site technical training, the professional technical team can provide related equipment technology, industrial process and production technology training. It helps users to master operation technology faster and more comprehensively. We can provide users with services such as factory training and operation, which is beneficial for users to grasp operation technology faster and more comprehensively.

        2. Quick after sale training

        About equipment maintenance and repair, after receiving the notice of customer repair, the service engineer will arrive at the field service within 12 hours (within the province) within 24 hours (outside the province), except for force majeure reasons. Large, medium and small equipment according to the national standard definition, in the maintenance of conditions, our company to ensure the completion of the actual time repairs within half a day, in 1-2 days, 2-3 days to complete overhaul.

        3. Equipment maintenance parts.

        To provide you with the necessary parts, core accessories, etc. for the production equipment. The purchase cycle is short and the purchase cost is low, which can meet the customer's low cost and high efficiency maintenance. In order to escort your production.


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        Add:Jinkairui Machinery Co., Ltd., xinhuida e-commerce Industrial Park, Yaotian Avenue, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou

        Inner Mongolia address:Beida science and Technology Park of Baotou equipment manufacturing park




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