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      1. EnchWelcome high-end intelligent molding machine manufacturers - Guangzhou Jicri Machinery Technology Co. Ltd is a fully automatic plastic bottle blowing machine factory is a professional!

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        Bottle blowing machine mold

        Bottle blowing machine mold

        Mold and bottle design of bottle blowing machine

        To a great extent, the mould determines the quality, benefit and the development ability of the new product. So the mold also has the honorary title of "the mother of industry". Kim can solve all kinds of PET, PP bottle blowing mould, straight bottle blowing machine, semi automatic bottle blowing mould for you. At the same time, we can provide professional bottle design, according to the imagination of the user and design the professional type of the team, design the most suitable bottle type for you.

        1. mould is made of 7075 aero aluminum material. The 

        2. bottle type is designed by 3D platform. 

        3. stable chromium plating surface treatment technology. 

        4. reasonable cooling pipe to reduce production cycle.

        5. All digital CNC equipment process and production equipment


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        Inner Mongolia address:Beida science and Technology Park of Baotou equipment manufacturing park




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