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Tips for Buying a Paddleboard



There are many fun activities that you can try in the summer if you enjoy the water. You might not be athletic enough to try surfing. If this is the case, you have nothing to worry about. Paddleboarding is an activity that will allow you to be on the water in a manner that is much more controlled and safe than surfing. However, you will need to do a little research before you spend a considerable amount of money on a paddleboard. This is a big purchase and you need to be sure that you get it right. Here are some tips that will assist you in this endeavor.

1. What company makes the paddleboard?

You need to pay attention to the paddleboard’s manufacturer. This is a very crucial detail because all boards are not made with the same level of quality. This is why you will find a large price difference between some of the boards that are available. You need to decide if you want to pay a little more money for a paddleboard that is made out of the best materials and will last for a very long time. Buying a paddleboard for a low price will save you some money. However, you will most likely need to buy another board in the near future.

2. How big to you want the board to be?

There is a large selection of paddleboards for you to choose from. You can get one that is very wide and provides you with a greater amount of stability. Alternately, you can select one that is narrow and allows you to travel on the water at a greater amount of speed. The size paddleboard you buy should be related to the amount of experience you have. More experienced riders will be able to keep their balance more easily. Therefore, they will not need a wider board to help them keep their balance.

3. Do you plan on standing or sitting while you are paddleboarding?

This is another consideration that you will need to make. Many people prefer to sit on their paddleboard so they do not have any risk of falling into the water. These people often like to have a wider board because it provides them with more surface area on which to sit. You would be wise to test out several different boards before you make your final decision.

Honda Bay Tour (Isla Pandan) – Palawan

Puerto Prinsesa airport photo puertoairport_zpsffb51134.jpg

My second time to visit Palawan and first time for hubby. We went to my niece’s residence in Narra and stayed there for three days. Then went back to Puerto Princesa for our tour package.  Our first day of the tour was actually a city tour, will post about it later.

Isla Pandan Beach photo IslaPandan_zpsf4ef0566.jpg

Here was our second day, the Honda Bay tour where we did island-hopping and snorkeling. Our first time to do it and it was very exciting, never in my wildest dream that I could  still do such thing, (at my age). lol.. Our first stop the Isla Pandan, powdery white sand, crystal clear water and lots of beautiful fishes.. wow!me @ Isla Pandan photo Josie_zpscf697559.jpg

Before heading to the boat station, we made a short stop at a snorkeling and diving equipment rentals. The snorkeling gear plus the diving shoes cost 150 pesos each and a water-proof  camera cover for 200 pesos. More about free casino games here, have a look! We opted to have this since my camera was a regular digi-cam and not water-proofed, so we can take pictures even under the water,  look at the results of the pictures, the 200 pesos was worth more than enough, the photos I will cherish forever.

Fish Feeding photo fishfeeding_zps494ec2cd.jpg

We had fish feeding here, there was a pack of bread you can buy at the island store for 30 pesos to feed the fishes. These fishes were tamed and used to people feeding them, awesome feeling, very cute! 🙂

 photo lunch-fishfeeding_zps1383c9a4.jpg

See how they swarmed to hubby when he took bits of breads into his hand and put it into water, sweet!  Here was our lunch at the beach. By the way, the food was included in the tour package which cost 1500/pax, of course the rental fees of the gears not included.

alupihang dagat photo alupihangdagat_zpsa796601a.jpg

I don’t know what these seafood were called in English, but in local dialect it’s  “Alupihang Dagat”, they were placed in soda bottles and kept submerged in water to keep them alive and fresh and are sold to tourists, the locals will cook them for you. There were also crabs in a big net but I didn’t get a good photo on them.

Under the sea photo underthesea_zps9d3d5043.jpg
Here are some of the amazing views  underneath, different kind of fishes, beautiful colors, stripes and sizes, biggest starfish I saw and the beautiful corals and water plants..

Next stop :  Starfish Island

Preparing for a Weekend Get-away

I spent two days hunting for a place to stay for our family outing this weekend online. This is my first time to get reservations on the net.  Before, we usually go to any resort and book upfront. But the last time we did that, all the resort cottages and hotels were fully-booked and we had to settle for a not so comfy room. . Finally I was able to get one, we exchanged info through email though sometimes they are so slow in replying, sent hubby to the bank and paid for the reservation fee at their receiving bank which is our bank too, my only concern was that I paid a check to their account and didn’t know if it still needs to be cleared. Hopefully everything will run smoothly. Our destination will be the Ocean View Resort in Subic. A resort fronting the beach with big swimming pool good for night swimming. It has a restaurant, corkage and grills for rent. I haven’t been there yet and only rely on the information on their site. But facebook friends highly recommended it, so we’ll see. After our trip I will post photos and our experiences there and will tell you if they lived up to the expectations. 😀

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