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Hot Spring Private Resort in Pansol Laguna


Before the summer wrapped up this year, we decided to have a last minute get-away from the city and the nearest place is Laguna which is a one and half hour drive from our place since we left very early in the morning. My 83-year old mom is suffering from arthritis and will be very hard for her a long travel if we will go to the nearest beach resort with travel time of minimum of 4 hours and also the resort we rented is with hot spring pool, it will be best for her aching muscles and us to relax our bodies and to renew energies.


Since it’s a private, the resort is all for ourselves the whole day, we brought food and snacks, then barbecued some meat on the grill near the pool, there is a stove available if we want to cook but with a charge of Php200.



For the amenities, besides the two swimming pools (adult and kiddie) there is also a billiard table if we want to play and Videoke machine, big dining area. There’s a refrigerator to stock perishable food and for cold drinks (we brought our own drinking water as it was not provided), ice and charcoal for grilling. Checked-in time is 8 am and check-out is 5 pm, so we didn’t waste any time and spend the whole day swimming, eating specially the kids, and singing. lol


For the package, there are three air-conditioned rooms and one fan room, two shower rooms, and two toilets, a nipa hut near the pool if you want to relax after swimming, the place is newly painted and okay, but a little improvement should be done maybe on the comfort rooms.


Since it’s summer and peak season, the rent is Php 7000 for day tour only (8am-5pm), overnight from 7 pm- 6am is Php 9000 and 22 hrs is Php18,000 if I’m not mistaken. But during the lean season which is from June-November and January-February it’s lower and you can haggle more during weekdays.

Note: I forgot the name of the resort as this was not the original one we reserved and was transferred to this place because the first one suffered power outage and will not be repaired till the next day. All in all, we enjoyed our stay there, specially the kids in the swimming pool and the adults at the videoke machine with the top pick timber drum at musiciansfriend accompaniment.





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