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Resort within the city



Last Saturday, a former high school classmate invited us to celebrate her birthday at a resort near their place. A resort with big swimming pool and spacious open area for outdoor party, and air-conditioned rooms for staycation. The place is Last Gate Resort in Quezon city.


Food and wine was over-flowing and we really had a blast. We played mind games and sing-along session with the videoke machine provided by the resort. But since we were in the open area, singing was allowed only until 10 pm no amount of persuading to extend the cut-off period could prevail, lol… Rules are rules, no bargaining, even if we told them to just lower the volume of the machine and we won’t use the http://www.guitarcenter.com/Tube-Combo-Guitar-Amplifiers.gc, still no way haha.. anyway, we enjoyed every minute of our stay there, the place is clean and even if it’s in the heart of the city, trees and plants surround the resort so you will feel close to nature, so relaxing.


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