Naama Bay Holiday

The luxurious Tropitel Naama Bay Hotel is situated in the heart of Naama Bay in Sharm el Sheik. This hotel is one of the area’s most impressive accommodation options and boasts an excellent selection of rooms to choose from including spacious and stylishly decorated suites and large sea view rooms. Onsite facilities include swimming pools, restaurants and a spa, while evening entertainment is provided each night.

Naama Bay boasts the best range of entertainment options in the whole of Sharm el Sheikh, and the area is famous for its vibrant nightlife. People who like to party will find an excellent selection of bars and nightclubs to choose from. The party scene here warms up around midnight here and often continues until the break of dawn.

Visitors who enjoy fine dining will really be spoilt for choice in Naama Bay. Dining on freshly caught seafood while gazing out at the ocean is an excellent way to unwind at the end of the day. This is also a great place to sample traditional Egyptian cuisine, while the numerous restaurants and other eateries that grace Naama Bay offer culinary treats from all over the globe.

The area is also famous for its beautiful beach. The wide stretch of golden sand that can be found at Naama Bay is a great place to lay back and soak up the sun for a while. The hotel boasts its own private beach and refreshments are provided by hotel staff, making it possible to spend the entire day on the sand working on the perfect tan.

Visitors who want to get to know Naama Bay can take a boat trip along the coast to view the area from a different perspective. Boat trips as well as other interesting day-trips can easily be arranged through the hotel. One of the most popular day trip options is the enchanting Mount Sinai, and the views from the very top are simply stunning and not to be missed.

People who enjoy water sports will be able to take part in a wide range of aquatic activities, all of which can be arranged through the hotel. The cool, clear waters of Naama Bay are ideal for exploring on a scuba diving trip, while snorkeling is another great way to explore the watery underworld. The coral reefs in this area are simply stunning, while the waters are also home to a whole host of colourful marine creatures. All this and more is waiting to be enjoyed when you check into the Tropitel Naama Bay Hotel.

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5 thoughts on “Naama Bay Holiday

  1. Kero

    Egypt is so near us and I wish the unrest will settle down so we can spend a week there. i dream to see the pyramids and Hubby wishes to go scuba diving too.


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